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Modular Kitchen Guide

Kitchen is a not just a room meant for cooking meals; it is all about getting to learn and experiment with food. Now this can be difficult if the kitchen is not designed in the right style and if it does not have the right type of appliances. Modular Kitchen is the answer to all these questions. It is a concept that includes in-built kitchen appliances and in a sequential order. While it is gaining popularity across the globe, it is making heads turn in Bhopal too. The buyer can get multiple options in terms of designs - Straight wall type, C-shaped, U-shaped, G-shaped, L-shaped, Island type, parallel counters design. One can also combine two or more of these for a unique modular kitchen design.

Chimney, sink, hob, dishwasher, refrigerator, shelves, cabinets, trolley, corner storage system, shutter, pantry, counter tops are few of the kitchen appliances included in a modular kitchen. The user might also have to focus on the minor details - the fittings. This category may include knob, hinges, handles, drawer slides joinery fittings and backlash profile. While placing the order with the manufacturer the buyer can choose materials such as granite, wood, steel, marble, glass, or copper for designing the appliances. Whatever be the choice, the buyer should bear in mind that a good quality product will sustain a long life and come with lower maintenance cost.

The cost of the entire project may vary on the type of specifications provided by the user. But available space, frequency of use, type of kitchen design, quality and number of materials remain to be the deciding factors. It helps reduce monotony, exhaustion, chaos, confusion and dirt. At the same time, it is believed to increase efficiency in the kitchen. A modular kitchen is a niche yet successful concept which will certainly introduce systematic approach in a kitchen along with a dash of fun!
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